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Barcode Generator for Mobile Demos

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This application enables you to generate and print multiple barcodes at once, thereby saving a lot of time when preparing for a mobile/scanning demonstration. Remember that the motto for the most impactful mobile demo is "scan whatever you can". Currently this app can produce Code 128, Code 39 and 2D (Datamatrix) barcodes. Learn about these symbologies here.

  1. Click “Add a New Barcode.” You can add a new barcode one at a time or click it multiple times (five, for example) if you know you want to create five barcodes.
  2. Enter a description of what the barcode is for (i.e., Org, Item, Document, Serial Number, Plant, etc.) then enter the characters/values you want in barcode format.
  3. You can TAB to go from field-to-field, and can choose to Add a New Barcode at any time
  4. Click Print Barcodes when you’re done. If you Save/Print to PDF, you can use that same sheet again.

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